Wally Three Vertical Garden Planter


All the charm of our Wally One with three times the planting power! Wally Three Vertical Garden Planter allows you to create an even fuller vertical garden and enjoy the beauty of a lush plants in any space. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, Wally’s Pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular, and cute!

Specs: 15″ H x 68″ W Soil Volume = 1.20 cu.ft, Three Wally Ones

Buy 4 or more to get 20% off!

recycled materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Woolly Pockets made?
What sort of maintenance will my Pockets need?
What is a vertical garden?
living wall planter specifications
“Think of wallpaper gone wild. The Wally Pocket lets lush greenery sprout right from your walls… Dare we say, take it or leaf it?”

1-2-3 installation
easy to install

Hardware is included. Easy fasteners work on masonry, dry-wall, sheetrock, wood, and metal walls.

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Black, Chocolate, Peacock

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