Woolly Store Profile: Envy in Seattle

Oct 18, 2010

Jay Longtin is the owner of Envy, a cozy and inviting nursery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. He is well known and loved for his passionate love of plants, especially rare and exotic houseplants. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, definitely stop by Envy and you’ll feel like you’re “walking into someone’s really cool apartment loft– plants arranged like furniture! of all kinds, all interesting-looking, squiggly, bulbous, branchy, bonzai, interesting intelligent shapes I always see at cool people’s houses who have cool plants.

Hi Jay! Thanks for taking time to speak with us! So when did your store open? How long have you been selling Pockets?
Our store originally opened in July of 2008.  We were in a space 1/2 the size of our current space.  We’ve been in this new location since July of 2009.  We’ve been selling pockets for a year now.

Who is your favorite Pocket? Why?
I have a feeling my favorite pocket is going to be the chandelier, but as of now I’d have to say the indoor hanging walls.  I love them because they can go pretty much anywhere and they create such a dramatic focal point/addition to the room!

Who is your customers favorite Pocket?
My customers are primarily buying the outdoor Wally 1-5’s.  I’ve done a few installations on customers patios/balconies and they just love them!

Do you have an in-store Pocket installation?
I do have an in-store pocket installation, pictures included.

How do you think gardening has affected you?
Gardening is an artistic release for me.  It calms me a bit when this world gets too crazy.  Although, in my yard it sometimes consumes me!  But overall, gardening is a joy.  The pockets are great because they let me be even more artistic than I thought possible when it comes to creating vertical garden art.

Do you think plants & gardening can impact children? How so?
I do think plants and gardening can impact children.  I think it’s important for our youth to understand where and how food can grow.  I also think it’s important for them to see the beauty in all plants because plants create the world that we live in.  Having an understanding for plants and a relationship with them will help keep our world green!

What is your favorite color of Woolly Pocket?
My favorite color pocket.  While I think that brown or black is the most practical for most uses, I love the blue.  It’s bright and really commands attention!  I also think the camel hair is just a beautiful, soothing color that makes most plants feel very soft and comfortable.

If you could create ANY color for our next Pocket, what would it be?
If I could come up with the next color, I personally would love to see a terracotta color.  It would be very rustic and any plants would look fantastic in them!

If you could design any Pocket, what would it look like? What would it do? What would you name it?
If I could design a pocket… just off the top of my head, maybe some kind of 3 tier meadow would be really cool.  Almost like a pyramid.  There would be some kind of stand up the middle that mounts to the base (largest planter) and then a smaller one above that, followed by 1 more above that.  They would be spaced so that when they are all planted you would not be able to see the pole/mounting support up the center.  And I suppose I would call it the Pyramids.

How do you think Pockets can change the World?
How can pockets change the world – I think pockets can make planting really exciting for people.  The colors, the different options for size and design, the ability to use it for home gardening, the educational benefits for our youth… I think people can get excited about these!  It’s a great product, and it takes gardening to a whole new place.  I think we’ll be seeing many many more bright, vertical living walls given the ease and design of the Woolly Pockets.

Envy is located in Seattle, Washington.

1546 15th Ave.

Seattle, WA 98122


Visit them online at envygrows.com, on Facebook or Twitter!

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