Woolly School Gardens Profile: Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center

Jun 10, 2010

Woolly School Gardens is in the midst of a month long effort to bring school gardens to 250 schools across the country. Each of these schools has a story to tell. Their students are eager to begin growing plants and learning about nutrition. As we spread the word about Woolly School Gardens, and ask for your support, we thought it would be woolly to profile some of the schools in line to receive gardens. Except today, we’re bringing you a school that has already planted their Woolly School Garden!

Taylor Jones is the Assistant Principal of Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center. She was awesome enough to give us a virtual tour of her school and tells us a little about their gardening initiatives, including their Woolly School Garden!

We are a K-8 public school in Scottsdale, AZ. We have almost 600 students in our school. We are a very diverse community, as students in our school’s community represent many different cultures and socioeconomic levels. Additionally, we just received a Title I designation based on the percentage of students who receive free and reduced lunch.

We already have – and love – our Woolly School Gardens! We wanted them to extend our gardenable space and to be able to give each student their own plot! We also plan to supplement our school’s café offerings with fresh herbs, fruit and veggies grown in our pockets. We hope to teach the students that they have the power to grow things in the earth and help them understand the connection between the foods they eat and the plants they can grow themselves.

At our school, we strive to provide all sorts of experiential learning opportunities for our students, so our students are already accustomed to learning by doing. Students develop a sense of responsibility, pride and accomplishment, and the knowledge and confidence in knowing that they have the power to grow something themselves, in our school gardens. Our school garden enables our teachers to extend their classrooms beyond the classroom walls and into the gardens. Students need space to grow and move and they need to be able to access fresh air, dirt, and plants, and they can accomplish that in the garden. Our teachers teach art, music, poetry, writing, science, cooking, health, math, yoga and endless other topics and activities in the garden. Our gardens are extensions of our classrooms.

Thanks Taylor! Now we NEED YOUR HELP! Vote today and everyday in June for Woolly School Gardens on Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Website!

To vote, click on the above image or visit WoollySchoolGarden.org for a direct link to the voting page! And Please Spread the Word! Thanks for your support!

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