Woolly Design Star: Martie Kilmer

Mar 08, 2011

How lucky are we to have designer Martie Kilmer of Space Design with us here today? Newly crowned this month’s Woolly Design Star, Marti has worked with some of Portland’s finest spots including the Ace Hotel, and Keen Footwear.

Name: Marti Kilmer
Company Name: Space Design
Website: spacedesignonline.com

Where do you practice?
Portland, Oregon

What are your favorite types of projects?
My favorite types of projects are ones that meet the client requirements and also have a great artistic vision.

What’s your design philosophy?
Clean, simple and modern always with a bit of Northwest thrown in.

Is this your first installation using Woolly Pockets?
No, I planted a bunch of Tina’s for the KEEN garage in Portland.

What was your experience working with Woolly Pockets?
Woolly Pockets are easy to plant and fun to work with. They also seem to retain more water thus requiring less maintenance.

What do you see as the greatest benefit of using Woolly Pockets?

How do you feel vertical gardening and living walls are changing the potential for landscape design?
It makes gardening in small spaces very easy. I love the creativity and wide variety of projects I’ve seen, from lush living walls in small apartments to play grounds with vertical vegetable gardens.

What are a few of your favorite plants for Woolly Pocket projects?
I’m always planting for longevity and color and am using a lot of bromeliads, orchids and vines in my pockets. I’m also a fan of tucking airplants into bare spots and using juncea for texture and height. I’m also a fan of putting a vase or vessel inside of the “Steve” and using it for a cut flower or orchid arrangement.

How/where are you planning to use Woolly Pockets next?
We’re designing a woolly pocket vertical wall at KEEN as well as a vertical garden in the parking lot of Relish in Northwest Portland. I’ve also just finished a pool house that is going to be outfitted with a year round exterior woolly pocket, I’m thinking evergreens for winter color with a mix of salad greens and herbs for summer pool parties.

Thanks so much Marti!

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