Vertical Gardening Grows Passion

Aug 12, 2013

We’re very exited to have Shawna Coronado guest post for us today about vertical gardening. Take it up, up and away, Shawna!

Walls. They have become my passion and adventure in the garden. When we go to the typical garden we spend our time focused on the ground. Eyeballs always on the bottom instead of the top and we miss so much nature with our heads pointed down. Discovering how to wrap a garden completely around the visitor enables a total immersion into your little garden world. Vertical gardens allow that immersion to happen.

My first large vertical garden installation was the Woolly Pocket Wally System. I combined three levels of Woolly Pocket Peacock Blue in a side yard with a collection of shovels and rakes I painted bold colors then transformed into fence art. Once in a while a friend walks around the corner of the house and I can hear an audible suck-in-of-the-breath and see a huge smile – this is the reaction I hope for. Passion. Happiness. Smiles.

This season I installed a little bit of vertical garden passion on my back fence wall next to my little fairy garden and think the four Living Wall Planters really add a kick to the boring fence. Each planter is overflowing with herbs and vegetables; Chocolate mint, Swiss Chard, Beets, and Sweet Potato Vine. Planting vegetables in a vertical space does more than add a place for the eye to rest – it feeds your family in a small space making urban organic gardening a real possibility for our families.

Build a garden wall to feed your family and immerse visitors to your garden in a full experience; wrap your community in vertical garden love.

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