Up Your Growing Game!

Oct 15, 2013

We are excited to have our friends from Crimson Carrot guest post for us today. They have a wealthy of knowledge on gardening in any kind of environment, from urban, suburban, to backyard farming. Here, they are gonna talk about upping our game in gardening. Take it away, guys!

When it comes to growing food, you really don’t need much to get started. Many gardens across the US only involve a small patch of soil and a few spare seeds. My wife, Jess, and I have grown veggies from New York to Nicaragua in all sorts of conditions. Whether a raised bed, indoor planter, or tire garden we’ve had relative success simply relying on the basics.

However, when we finally put down roots in Alexandria, VA, we wanted to do more – a lot more. I’m talking 8+ months a year of veggies, eggs, honey, fruit, and berries. We were excited to learn about so many innovative solutions being developed by companies like Woolly Pocket. What we didn’t find in our search, though, was an online retailer that sold the products we wanted along with the information we needed to be successful. So, in the winter of 2012, Crimson Carrot was born while sitting around our dining room table. We hope to be your go-to website for innovative tools and exciting information about the world of backyard and urban farming.

If you’re interested in bigger yields, longer growing seasons, or just a prettier garden, there are all sorts of new ideas and products out there to help you up your gardening game. We were thrilled to team up with Woolly Pocket and offer their Living Wall Planter at Crimson Carrot. It is a great example of a product that provides a home for veggies and herbs, yet still manages to turn a few heads while doing it. Just take a look at the other posts on this blog to see some jaw-dropping vertical gardens making use of the Living Wall Planter.

Another great item Crimson Carrot offers is Hoss Tools’ Standard Wheel Hoe. With various attachments to weed, till, plow, spread, and sow seeds, this one tool will help you maintain your garden plot like no other. It’s built to get the job done and, since it’s human-powered, afford you some peace and quiet while doing it.

It is important to note that, from the start, Crimson Carrot only offers organic plant foods and pest solutions. We are also working to ensure that each product we offer is responsibly manufactured and easily recycled. Take our Buffaloam potting soil, for instance. This stuff is OMRI-certified, composted buffalo dung. It’s nutrient analysis is off the charts.  To top it off, it arrives in an easily recycled brown paper bag.Crimson Carrot is full of these great ideas and so much more. But we didn’t start it simply to exchange dollars. We want to grow a network of like-minded individuals who build community through their successes and failures. We also want to show that business can be good for the economy as well as our environment and our health.  But we need your help. We’d greatly appreciate the chance to earn your business and, perhaps even more importantly, we’d love to hear your suggestions on how our community should feel.  Please visit Crimson Carrot to see what we’re all about.

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