The Woolly School Garden Program

Dec 20, 2012

Our Pre-K through 8th grade curriculum is designed to help you create your own garden program by offering a variety of options for interactive learning experiences aligned with the National Research Council (NRC) Sci­ence Standards Framework as well as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Recent studies show that, unfortunately, students’ science knowledge is far greater than their science understanding and reasoning. By participating in the Woolly Pocket School Garden program, you and your students will come away with not only knowledge, but more importantly, a deeper understanding and appreciation for sustainable organic gardening.

After participating in the Woolly Pocket Garden Path lessons, your students will understand that:

• Basic needs must be met in order for living things to survive, g row and be healthy.

• Living things change as they progress through their life cycle.

• Eating plants from local growers promotes a healthy lifestyle and environment.

• Reflecting on and evaluating your experiences builds collegiality, informs decisions and provides opportunities for further exploration and study.

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