The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh gets Woolly in Botany Class!

Sep 12, 2011

Yippee! We love hearing what our very inspiring garden representatives are up to. We are constantly amazed by all the different ways teachers use their garden for all sorts of subjects! Thanks Paige for updating us on what the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Fifth Grade class is up to, and how you’re using your Woolly School Garden:

“Last Spring we used a whole variety of seeds and tried everything from flowers to vegetables, from upright plants to trailing plants and large things to small. We wanted to see all the different varieties of plants. By the time we said goodbye for the summer in mid June, we were sampling arugula and nasturium leaves and watching the various seedlings develop.

This Fall, my students returned to school eager to see what our Woolly School Garden had grown.  We found that a wide range of seeds had grown and are now in various states of their life cycle, perfect for our Botany studies. Some still are producing flowers and fruits, some have gone full circle and are setting seeds. As we study each stage in the metamorphosis of plants, we are able to use our Woolly Garden to provide real life examples of that stage to observe and draw. The Woolly School Garden will be passed to the rising Grade Five class in the spring so that it can continue to provide wonderful Botany studies year after year.”

We are so happy that you are loving your garden, Paige! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

To learn more about the Woolly School Garden Program, please check out or email us at

Woolly School Garden Coordinator

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