The Hardiness Zone Map

Jun 13, 2013

Certain plants grow better in some areas than others. Use this Hardiness Zone Map to find out what zone your are in, and then find plants that will grow in your zone. The hardiness zone means this is the lowest possible temp it averagely gets in this zone.

Zone 2: -30°F through -40°F
Zone 3: -20°F through -30°F
Zone 4: -10°F through -20°F
Zone 5: 0°F through -10°F
Zone 6: 10°F through 0°F
Zone 7: 20°F through 10°F
Zone 8: 30°F through 20°F
Zone 9: 40°F through 30°F
Zone 10: 50°F through 40°F

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