Woolly Plant Inspirations: Hanging Strawberry Plants

Apr 19, 2013

Hanging Strawberry Plants (Fragaria  x ananassa)

Sun:   Full sunlight for these trailing plants. However, if transplanting be sure to choose a cool, cloudy day, as a hot sunny or windy day often desiccates transplants.

Zone: Strawberries should be planted in early spring as soon as the cold as passed in cold climates, however, in warmer climates, fall planting is commonly done. Again, research the cultivar you are buying for more specific information.

Soil: They do exceptional in well-drained soils that are fertile.  Adding organic materials or using an organic potting mix is suggested.

Water: Due to their shallow root system, strawberries need to be watered almost daily, or on a regular basis. They also are not drought tolerant. When berries are present be sure to up you watering.

Culture: There are many different cultivars of strawberries. Be sure you purchase some that are disease-free and easy to grow in your region. Most can be treated as a perennial for 4-5 years, or you can plant a new plant each year.

Tip: Strawberries can produce an abundance of fruit in a small area if adequately maintained. They not only produce fresh berries, but they also enhance the beauty of a landscape. When transplanting be sure to educate yourself on the correct
placement of the crown- this is critical to their success!

Category: Spiller – Should drape down to cover the edges of the Planters, as a “frame” along the side edges, and mixed into the bottom edge.

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