Rieke Elementary is Woollified!

Jan 31, 2013

Rieke Elementary is passionate about creating an environment for our students and community that fosters education and sustainable living. In fall 2012 we were honored with a Green Flag award for these efforts by National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools USA program. Rieke was the first school in Oregon to receive this award and only the eighth school in the nation. Our next goal is to create a unique outdoor educational facility to teach the skills needed to meet environmental challenges that we continue to face as a society. The Rieke Outdoor Classroom will include a covered natural seating area, class work tables, ADA-gravel path access with a bridge over the existing rain garden, shade tree, a nurse log for science experiments, a storage shed, rain-barrels, and a Woolly Pockets garden. Each class will be able to research the nutritional, medical, social, environmental value of their class plant and learn how to maintain the plant to the harvest time – a textile experience that is missing in so many students’ lives. The class will be able to present the results of their garden experience at an all-school assembly and offer samples of their harvest for the school community to try. The students will be able to see where food comes from and better understand why the food helps their bodies. Since our school is located in the middle of the Hillsdale neighborhood, this area will not only be used by the students but by the community.

Rieke Elementary used a popular social media outlet, Facebook, to help raise all their funds. They posted on Friday evening about their fund raising, and by Monday afternoon they had raised all of them! In fact, the garden rep was receiving calls from parents after they had raised all their money! What a great idea and a perfect example of how easy getting the funds can really be.  To see more inspirational stories or to help another school Click Here!

Above is a diagram of their pockets and how they will be organized to different classrooms. A very great idea!

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