Prestwood Woolly School Garden

Oct 30, 2012

This just melts our Woolly hearts to see kids over at Prestwood School having so much fun with their Woolly School Garden. The community of teachers, students and families are learning the importance of growing healthy foods together. We are so proud of all their hard work and dedication they are doing to enhance the student’s gardening experience.

We’d like to share this sweet and inspiring story from the teacher’s at Prestwood School —

I have very committed, devoted, and hard working parents. My students and their families have created something from nothing in this garden. Students are understanding the connection of growing healthy food and how important it is nutritionally in the community. By implementing a vertical Woolly School Garden we can increase our production of healthy fruits and vegetables and provide more for our students, their families, and the community.

The kids have planted EVERYTHING, including mycelium (mushrooms)! They plant, water, deadhead, clean, compost and harvest! We read, write, sketch, paint- even exercise in the garden! We also listen, observe changes, and respect nature. We are certified by the NWF as a Wildlife Habitat and as a People’s Garden by the USDA; the students understand what this means. Soon we will install/teach solar from a PG&E grant. The Woolly School Garden is enhancing their gardening experience!

Click here if you would like to sign up for a Woolly School Garden or here to help fund a Woolly School Garden.

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