Plant Markers!

May 23, 2013

In the garden, there is nothing more confusing than trying to remember what was planted where. Plant markers are the perfect way to identify your seedlings. While store-bought markers are fine, making your own plant markers is economical and easy — and a great project for students! Reminder: Use permanent markers on non-porous and semi-porous materials such as stone and plastic, otherwise the ink will wash away.

Popsicle sticks: Write the plant name on the popsicle stick and then place next to the appropriate plant.

Clothespins: Write on the flat side of the clothespin and then pinch onto your Pocket.

Used plastic forks/knives: Write the plant name on the handle!

Yogurt and Cottage Cheese containers: Cut strips out of a plastic container with scissors from the top lip down to the bottom in a straight line. Make your cuts between ½”–1″ apart. Then cut the strips off the bottom.

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