Plant Inspiration : Snowdrop

Dec 20, 2013

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis)

Sun: The more sunlight the better, so we suggest full sun to part shade. The flowers need the sun in order to bloom. The more sun, the more blooms, although heat will shorten their bloom time and make them wilt. If your Snowdrops get hit by some frost, no worries, they will come back once the sun hits them.

Zone: Generally this plant will need to be in the zones that get winters and have colder temps. Heat will make these plants wilt. When growing in containers in zones 5 & 6 they may need some protection during the winters.

Soil: A well drained soil that is rich and they tend to do best in neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

Water: This may be the easiest plant to water! Since it is a late winter/early spring flowering bulb it would need a periodic watering during the summer months, and the melting snow will take care of them in the winter and spring. This plant does well taking care of itself.

Habitat: Snowdrops are a bulbous perennial, and one of the earliest blooming flowers in colder climates. Some will even poke out with snow still on the ground. This is a bulb plant and very hardy. They have grass like leaves, and generally white drooping flowers. These bulbs will spread over time and may even be divided.

TipNot recommended for forcing since they make take a few years to become established. These plants can and should be divided at some point. Adding a bulb fertilizer after they flower will benefit them for the following year. Do not ingest! This plant can cause stomach pain and/or irritate your skin.

Category: Filler – To fill in and cover the Pockets between the other plants.

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