Plant Inspiration | Purple Queen

Aug 02, 2013

Purple Queen (Tradescantia pallida)

Sun: Bright light will give this plant more purple leaves, and a lower light level will give it greener leaves. Part shade is best if this is going to receive direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight may scorch the leaves.

Zone: Purple Queen does best in zones 10-11 if outdoors.

Soil: We suggest an organic peat moss-based potting mix.

Water: Water on a regular basis and allow it dry out between each watering.

Habitat: An herbaceous perennial that blooms in the summer, and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Purple Queen is perfect for our planters because they are a great container plant and trail to cover the planters.

Tip: This wanderer tends to look “twiggy” or “straggly” as it ages. A regular pruning and propagating stems often can keep this hanging buddy looking fresh and young.

Category: Spiller – Should drape down to cover the edges of the Planters, as a “frame” along the side edges, and mixed into the bottom edge.

Filler – To fill in and cover the Planters between the other plants.

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