Plant Inspiration | Monstera Deliciosa

Jul 26, 2013

Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) aka split leaf philodendron

Sun: Bright indirect light for this monster! If you have it indoors be sure to keep it 5-8 feet from a window or door.

Zone: Does best in 10-11, but can be grown in 9 (a or b).

Soil: Like we always say a well-drained organic mix! However, with Monstera be sure to have a peat based potting media (or add some peat to the mix you usually use).

Water: Put Monstera on a regular watering schedule. Be sure to allow the soil or media to dry out between each watering. More water during the growing season and less during the winter and fall.

Habitat: Native to Central America, these tropical foliage plants have huge oblong, heart shaped leaves with holes like Swiss cheese. In nature (tropical areas) this plant will grow like a vine, but indoors and in the US this plant has to be attached to objects to grow up.

Tip: Once you find a place for this plant, be sure not to move it too much, for they do not like to be moved. If lower leaves begin to yellow it is probably from one of two things: too much water or not enough light. Note: on the poisonous houseplant list- be careful around children and pets.

Category: Thriller – Used as focal points and to create a dynamic visual composition.

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