Plant Inspiration : Mimosa Pudica

Nov 01, 2013

Tickle Me Plant (Mimosa pudica)

Sun: Full sun to part shade if possible. If indoors, bright light will work best (southern exposure window is suggested).

Zone: Keep this plant in areas that are above 50 degrees F. A few reputable sources say the stems will turn red if below 60 degrees F, but this does not harm the plant and goes back to green once the temperature rises.

Soil: Well-drained planting media or soil.

Water: Water when the top soil looks dry. Tickle Me Plant will drop its leaves if under-watered or over-watered. Well-drained soil will help with the over-watering. It will grow knew leaves once its watering is back to normal.

Habitat: Tickle Me Plant is a creeping annual or perennial with fern-like leaves and purple or pink puff-ball flowers. The leaves will close up or shrivel when touched. The leaves will reform once they are left alone. This plant is a tropical/subtropical species, so it does better in heat and humidity.

Tip: This plant naturally spreads fast and is considered to be evasive in some areas. This plant is perfect for our planters to keep it from spreading and easier to grow indoors. Tickle Me also grows thorns so be careful when you touch or play with it. This plant is also known as a shy or sensitive plant.

Category: Thriller – Used as focal points and to create a dynamic visual composition.

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