Plant Inspiration : Mexican Sage

Oct 25, 2013

Mexican Sage (Salvia Leucantha)

Sun: Full sun, and if need be an afternoon partial shade will be fine too.

Zone: Zones 7-11

Soil: As always, a well-drained soil that is fertile (use compost to help with this).

Water: Do not over water and water on a regular basis if there is no rain. This plant is drought resistant and can go about 1.5-2 weeks without water if need be. Try to keep water off the leaves to keep disease away. New and young plants will need more water during the growing season.

Habitat: Native to Mexico and Central America, this plant is a perennial and will live for years in your home garden.

Tip: Attracts hummingbirds, bees and/or butterflies. This plant is used for ornamental purposes and should be used in replacement for common sage. Pruning in the spring will help make a bushier plant.

Category: Filler – To fill in and cover the Pockets between the other plants.

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