Plant Inspiration: Lady Plymouth

Jan 24, 2014

Lady Plymouth (Pelargonium graveolens)

Sun:  Part shade to full sun. If indoors full sun is a must, so keep within 2 feet of a window (southern exposure preferred). Even though this plant will survive in part shade, remember the more sun the more flowers, so the less sun the less flowers.

Zone:  USDA Hardiness zones 7 through 11

Soil:  A well-drained, fertile garden soil and can even be grown in a soil-less media as well, as long as the pH is between 5-7.

Water:  Normal to moist. Normal means you are watering the plant every time the top few inches of soil is dry to touch.

HabitatAn evergreen perennial (sometimes annual and biennial) that works both outdoors and indoors. This plant typically will bloom between mid spring and late winter depending on the zone.

TipLady Plymouth attracts bees, butterflies and some birds. Their leaves are scented and can vary between scents of lemon, apple, rose, and orange.

Category:  Filler – To fill in and cover the Pockets between the other plants.

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