Plant Inspiration : Foxglove

Jan 10, 2014

Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)

Sun:  This plant is the perfect partner for an area that gets sun and a little shade. The cooler your zones the more sun, and the warmer your zone the less sun, although this plant is considered Shade-loving, just be sure it does get some sun.

Zone:  Foxglove does best in zones 4-9  

Soil: A well-drained acidic soil would be best for this plant. A thin layer of mulch (peat moss or bark chips) can be used in the spring to help keep moisture in, but avoid over-watering. The mulch will also help protect from the winter coldness.

Water:  This plant is an easy maintenance plant and only needs to be watered weekly. This will help keep the soil moist, as it does not do well in drought or dry soil. As with most flowers, be sure to keep the water off the flowers when watering. Keep the water at the base of the plant or use drip irrigation. Water on petals can weigh them down, and/or invite disease. 

Habitat: Beautiful spikes of colorful tubular flowers with speckles on the inner petals. They are biennials or a short-lived perennial.

TipThis plant does self-sow and multiplies making it great for Living Wall Planters. The leaves of this plant are considered poisonous, so keep children away or avoid this plant. Foxglove attracts bees and is deer resistant making it a perfect flower for your summer garden.

Category:  Thriller – Used as focal points and to create a dynamic visual composition.

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