Plant Inspiration : Baby Toes

Dec 06, 2013

Baby Toes (Fenestraria aurantiaca)

Sun: These little babies (pun intended) like sun to part shade. We do not recommend full sun, but a few hours of direct or about 6 hours of bright light would be best.

Zone: These plants are a succulent, so please keep them in an area whose temperatures range around or above 65 degrees F. if it gets cooler than that we suggest moving them in or covering them up. They are very drought tolerant, and can do well in nutrient poor soils.

Soil: A well drained soil will do best. We read that an equal parts coir, potting soil, sand, fine gravel, and perlite will work wonders.

Water: Do not over water Baby Toes. This may cause them to rot or split like succulents do when they are over-watered. A light misting of water will help this one out about twice a week. Do let the soil dry out in between watering.

Habitat: Baby Toes grows upright (usually 6” high) and literally look like an infant’s toes. The top of the toe (the flat part) has a thin film and this is where the light enters for photosynthesis.

Tip: This plant is great for containers because it does well in shallow planters and does well in nutrient depleted soils. This succulent does flower, and when it does they are beautiful yellow or white (or somewhere in between).

Category: Filler – To fill in and cover the Pockets between the other plants.

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