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Plants and People March 2015...

April 01, 2015

We are finally saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring colors with this months #PlantsandPeople photos. Photos by @jeffmindell, @davidptalley, @thebotanicstudio, @zolajewelryobjects, @ry_dwy, @lanitrock, @harwinma, @thehappyhunters, @themelodyh, @concretegeometric, @kenmarten, @dewitgardentools, [...]

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Woolly Around the World: Canada...

March 25, 2015

This week's Woolly Around the World post comes from Canada and the design team of Vertical Oxygen. Vertical Oxygen specializes in implementing edible, decorative and air filtering plants into living wall systems. They utilized our wally threes for a temporary living wall they built for a local insti [...]

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Woolly Around the World: England...

March 18, 2015

This week's Woolly Around the World post comes from England and our friends at Heath Design. Here is our Q & A with the owner of Heath Design, Oliver Heath. 1. What is the driving hypothesis behind biophilic design? That humans have an innate attraction to nature and natural processes, as a r [...]

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Plants and People February 2015...

March 04, 2015

Our #PlantsandPeople featured photographers continue to deliver beautiful and inspiring images. Photos by @aridechaine, @honeylakestudio, @barefootitaly, @ladycascades, @oaun_pongthorn, @victoriavolcik, @swedishgarden, @brinkleycapriola, @concretegeometric, @jlcurtin, @amy_merrick, @iampatrickchin, @to [...]

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Scientists Solve Mystery of World-T...

February 25, 2015

By land or by sea? That’s the question scientists have been pondering for decades when it comes to the bottle gourd, a plant with a hard-skinned fruit that’s used by cultures all over the world to make lightweight containers and other tools. Archaeologists know that people were using domesticated bot [...]

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Plants and People January 2015...

February 04, 2015

Excited to share the breathtaking work of our #PlantsandPeople photographers from January. Photos by @barefootitaly, @turnone , @jenguntexan, @contessatessa, @vildans, @cheynacarr, @wirisamarah, @kennethjmitchell, @nature_photograghy312, @laurenlemon, @joshuascarlson, @jmtrovato, @desertbotanical, @ju [...]

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