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Oct 13, 2010

Hey Woollies! Ever wonder where all our crazy ideas get turned into reality? The Woolly Laboratory of course!

Our Woolly Mad Scientists: Ben Redgrave & Jason Adams of Alumina Design

Nestled in a quite neighborhood near the LA River is where the Woolly scientists create, develop and test all of our wondrous woolly inventions.  Most recently at the Woolly Lab, the Woolly Bar has been brought to life!  The Woolly Bar simply put, displays Wally’s in action!

On one side you have shelves stocked full of pockets along with a neat framed poster showcasing different pocket installations that gets your mind flourishing with options.

On the other side is an intriguing living wall where you get the live experience of planted Wally’s. It’s designed to make the light bulb in your head turn on and keep the possibilities glowing! This crafty apparatus is also easy-to-assemble and eco-friendly.

The Woolly Bar is very “woolly” in terms of sustainability, as it is made from reclaimed raw cypress wood salvaged from the swamps of North Carolina. The wood is coated with Poly Soy instead of noxious lacquer and does not contain any harmful VOCs (volitale organic compounds). Poly soy is both environmentally friendly and non-toxic, you can even eat off of it safely! The framework that holds the shelves in place is even made from 100% post consumer aluminum cans, thus making the entire Woolly Bar 100% sustainable, just like the pockets that are displayed inside it!

The Woolly Bar can be found in garden & home retailers across the US that stock Woolly Pockets. Just email for more information about the Woolly Bar and where to find the closest one near you!

2nd & 3rd images ©suthi picotte

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