L.A. Street Food Fest: Stuff Yourself for a Woolly Cause!

Jul 05, 2010

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Here in Los Angeles, the food truck has become a culinary & cultural phenomenon of epic proportions. Before a certain mexican/korean mashup taco truck opened a twitter account and started serving delicious cross-cultural tacos, L.A. had over 4000 traditional food trucks serving hungry Angelenos at construction sites and anywhere people were hungry. The power of the internet made it possible for foodies to track down and locate a new breed of “gourmet” food trucks serving narrow bands of culinary creations such as ice cream sandwiches, indian dosas, deli food, BBQ ribs and the ubiquitous yet satisfying grilled cheese sandwich.

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Now L.A. has well over 100 trucks tweeting and roaming the city bringing yummy delights to a hungry and connected populace! But what if you want to try everything in one place?

The LA Street Food Fest is the answer! On July 24th, over 60 of the city’s best gourmet mobile food vendors will be serving samples of their wares at the Rose Bowl! There’s even a live concert featuring local bands as well as beer and tequila tastings! The best part is that by gorging yourself on yummies from all over L.A., you’ll be helping to plant 3 Woolly School Gardens in schools all over town!

We believe in fostering great community, which is why it’s important for the LA Street Food Fest to give back to local organizations at each of our events. The LA Street Food Fest Summer Tasting Event will fully fund edible school gardens at at least 3 LAUSD elementary schools including: Elysian Heights, Crescent Heights and Annandale.


We’re so grateful to LA Street Food Fest for their generous support of these worthwhile schools and Woolly School Gardens! Please show your support by attending the LA Street Food Fest. Tickets are selling fast!

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