Kids + Nutrition + Pockets = The Perfect Gift!

Nov 29, 2010


Give the gift of health, knowledge & nutrition this Holiday when you donate a Woolly School Garden. Just in time for Spring planting, your Woolly School Garden will arrive at the chosen school donated on your behalf, or in the name of someone of your choice. The donor’s name will be listed on the Woolly School Garden website, on your chosen school’s unique page.

Give your niece, nephew, grandchild, son or daughter a gift that will impact the rest of their lives!

Or take ‘team-building’ to the next level by having a day outside of the office & giving back to the community by helping out your local school!


The gift of a complete Woolly School Garden & nutrition curriculum is $1000. Smaller contributions can be made in any amount & are appreciated just as much! If you’d like more info, or to customize something, contact Becky:

Thank you for helping our schools grow!


Woolly Yours,
Becky + Aurora

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