It’s Just, Plain Ferntastic

Sep 28, 2011


If there were awards (you know, like the Emmy’s) for houseplants, I would give this year’s award to the Fern. I mean, talk about versatile. I was at my local garden center the other day and every plant I randomly picked turned out to be a Fern– and they were all so completely different looking and so lush and pretty! It seems like there is a Fern for every occasion, for every type of surface (like say, a wall–hint, hint) and for all decades (doesn’t the Boston Fern kinda remind you of the ’70’s?).

There are two more things about Ferns that you must know:

1.) Ferns thrive in low light–So for all of you folks who use the ‘my apartment is too dark for plants’ excuse– time to head to your local nursery. Ferns actually prefer to be in Northern-facing windows.

2.) Boston Ferns place ninth on NASA’s ranking of top air purifying plants and Ferns are also known to expel mold and toxins like formaldehyde from indoor air–so take THAT dark, smelly apartment. We’re about to make your home Ferntastic.

I just planted a gorgeous Crocodile Fern in my Wally– but more on *that* later!
Stay Tuned for a Ferntastic sequel!


Images: Ferntastic bathroom, Poolside Asparagus Ferns-photo by Joshua White, Ferns in the Living Room- Photos by Suthi Picotte, Fern Wall via CB2 Blog, Boston Fern, Lemon Button Fern, Crocodile Fern,  Staghorn Fern,  Maidenhair Fern

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