How to Install Drip Irrigation in Woolly Pocket’s Meadow Raised Beds

May 20, 2012

The talented landscape designer, Patty Hume of BreakUrban recently did a great tutorial on how to install drip irrigation using our Lil’ Meadow floor planters. We definitely encourage the use of drip irrigation as it produces the best results with your plants. Below is our slightly modified instructions from Patty’s using drip kits sold in our Woolly Pocket shop.

Materials Needed:

Lil’ Meadow raised beds
Drip Kit : includes drip line, stakes, T’s and L’s connectors, and end plugs
Automatic Drip Timer Valve
Drip Supply Line Kit
Heavy Duty Scissors

Photos by Patty Hume

1. Layout your Lil’ Meadows raised beds. Fill it up with soil. Then, space the brown drip lines 6″ apart, so water will evenly distribute to the soil. Run drip lines from one end of the Lil’ Meadow to the other.

2. Insert two stakes per drip line, about 12″ apart. Then, snap the drip lines to the stakes. If the drip line is too long and goes over the Lil’ Meadow, cut the ends of the drip lines. Now, use the three end plugs to close the ends of the drip lines.

3. Once all the drip lines are in place you will need to connect them with the black drip line that comes with the drip kit. Use the “L” connector for the first row and use the “T” connectors for the other two rows of drip lines.

4. Connect the black 4′ drip line at the end of “T” connector. And plug a two-sided open connector to the end of that line.

5. Now, connect it to the 25′ supply line, which connects to the line adapter and pressure regulator.

6. Connect to the Automatic Timer Valve which connects to the hose bibb. And now, your drip irrigation is set!

6. You wanna test the irrigation and timer. Let it run for 20+ minutes and observe the moisture pattern. Confirm that all the fittings are snug and that water is distributed evenly. Adjust location of stakes as needed. Once everything is working properly you can get busy planting!

Photos by Patty Hume

Look how awesome Patty’s meadow of delicious veggies look after just six weeks! She planted lettuce, onions, chives, parsley, cauliflower, rhubarb, carrots, cucumber and pepper plants. Harvest us hungry for some yummy veggies! Be sure to check out Patty Hume’s site for other landscaping projects!

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