How to grow fresh air?

Sep 06, 2011



Since I’m pretty new to LA + it’s often smoggy skies, I did some research on plants that improve indoor air quality. I found this great book, How to Grow Fresh Air by Dr. B.C. Wolverton, which lists the top 50 houseplants that are proven to improve air quality.

Here are the top 5 houseplants that are all easy to grow, and efficiently remove chemical vapors from the air!

1. Areca Palm
Semi-sun. Keep the root ball damp.
Mist regularly.

2. Lady Palm
Semi-sun. Water generously in spring and summer.
In a warm, dry winter environment water more frequently.

3. Bamboo Palm
Semi-sun. Provide plenty of water during periods of active growth.
In winter, water just enough to keep the root ball moist.

4. Rubber Plant
Semi-sun to semi-shade. Water regularly from mid summer to fall.
Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings, then water sparingly. Don’t overwater!

5. Dracaena “Janet Craig”
Semi-shade. Keep soil evenly moist but not soggy. Do not allow the root ball to dry.

Have you ever chosen houseplants based on them improving air quality? Would you?


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