Help us fund Margaret Landell by September 1st!

Aug 19, 2011

Name of School: Margaret Landell Elementary Location: Cypress, CA Number of Students: 600 Dollars away from reaching their goal: 655

With 600 excited students students and a very passionate garden representative, Margaret Landell Elementary is sure to make their Woolly School Garden thrive! We had the chance to talk with Melinda, the school garden representative, who is eager to get her school gardening!

1. What made you decide to enroll in the Woolly School Garden Program?
I decided to enroll in the Woolly School Program to help set up a school community garden. It will help foster team work skills, health and science skills, and give some students an opportunity to try something new. I would also like our school to grow produce so students can learn how easy it is to grow plants that give us nutrients. I am also hoping to use our vegetables to show them how to make healthy snacks.

2. Where will you hang your Woolly School Garden?
Our Woolly Garden will hang on the side of a classroom portable. It is a space that the students see daily, and has no character to it! It is also near the playground, so students and teachers will be able to visit the garden every day. The portable faces southwest, so the garden will get a good amount of sun during the day.

3. What would you like to grow in your Woolly School Garden?
For the autumn months, I would like to focus on vegetables. For spring, I’d like to grow flowers and other springtime vegetables.

4. How do you think a Woolly School Garden will impact your students?
I can’t think of a better motivator than having a garden that the students will maintain. Teamwork and excitement will help keep our garden healthy. I am also hoping to motivate our students to make their own gardens at home. Showing them the skills at school can help them become successful at home too.

5. When do you want to start gardening?
As soon as possible! September 1st is the goal for donations. I hope we make it!

Thanks Melinda! To donate to Margaret Landell Elementary, click here!


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