Guest Post : Felicity Waters of Garden Beet

May 16, 2011

We love this beautiful garden design called the Bin Bar created by Felicity Waters of Garden Beet for her front yard. It’s a beautiful idea and a great way to build a community through garden design using our woollypockets. Felicity was sweet enough to stop by to tell us a little more about the project.

“In parts of Australia there are three types of rubbish collection services: one for recycled household waste (plastic, paper, glass); waste that can not be recycled; and one for garden waste. The waste is separated by the householder into three bins. The bins take up loads of space. Couple this fact with the underutilized space of Garden Beet’s front garden and the sheer frustration of being sited on a visually poor streetscape with no community hub in walking distance – a front garden redesign was in order.

Garden Beet has created its own mini-piazza that welcomes its neighbours and passerby’s to take a quick break for coffee, cake and chat. The space is nicknamed the ‘bin bar’ and is clad with lush Woolly Pockets, concrete seats wrapped with vintage cream Woolly Pockets and oddles of striking prostrate Australian plants (banksias, grevilleas and eucalyptus) as well as range of succulents, sedges and ground covers from various regions of the world. We have a community clock made from recycled coffee cups and are currently sourcing a bell.

We are particularly excited as Woolly Pockets are perfect for the more fussy, but unusual Australian desert plants that require good drainage and loads of sunlight. We are able to locate the fussier plants out of our clay soils and shady sections of the garden and into the woolly pocket on the dry sunny walls.”

Thanks, Felicity! If we’re ever in your neck of the woods, we’ll definitely get woolly with you at your beautiful bin bar!

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