Guest Blogger: Design Crisis!

Jun 09, 2010

Hello out there, all you wild and woolly pockateers! My name is Erin Williamson, and I run a little blog called Design Crisis along with my bff Karly Hand. Most of the time I write about interiors, but I’m pretty stoked to write a post about green things for Woolly Pockets because I love the idea of bringing the great outdoors inside. Sometimes all you need to finish a room is a fat fluffy palm or fiddle fig in the corner, but I’m also interested in rooms that put plants front and center stage. We could all stand to breathe a little easier, right? So relax and inhale deeply while I take you on a tour of some indoor spaces that incorporate flora in super radical ways.

New York Times

Office for Word and Image

Miguel de Guzman

KRE House

Altro Studio

Elok House

Now, I know that most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have skyscraper ceilings, trees growing through our homes (please don’t cut a hole in your roof unless you really know what you’re doing!), or grassy tents from outer space, but indoor gardening can be accessible to almost everyone.

Head Over Heels


Vertical gardening takes front and center stage in these sweet rooms. Just think — you could snag a few Woolly Pockets and turn your own home into paradise.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Elle Decoration Suite

If I may offer a word to the wise, though: indoor gardening can be addictive, but don’t let your green thumb totally take over.

Well, kids, that’s it for my guest stint at WP headquarters. Thanks so much for having me — I had a blast!

Now I hope you’ll scoot on over to Design Crisis, where we’re giving away a free Woolly Pocket. Our lucky winner can get started on their own special indoor garden pronto, thanks to the nice people at Woolly Pockets. Hooray!

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