Green Screen

Sep 10, 2013

We recently discovered this stunning green screen house designed by Japanese architecture firm Hideo Kumaki. The living wall shades the home and keeps the house cool during summer. It’s beautiful to see plants have such a huge role in design. A little more about the design via design boom

The house features a large green wall that is supported by the building’s curving facade. a spattering of natural light filters through the leaves into the outdoor space below, while the screen also helps to shade the building’s interior during the summer months. wanting to reflect the site’s former presence as a field used to supply food, and also as a beautiful rose garden, nature played a big role in the landscape and design. the courtyard was constructed around the previous location of two cheery trees, helping to connect the spaces together. through a detailed examination of the site’s wind flows, the green wall is positioned in the optimum location for plant growth and also cross ventilation through the building’s interior. an environmentally considered design feature, it helps to reduce the building’s energy consumption – modifying the internal spaces naturally without the need for air-conditioning. the screen also functions as an extra room for the house, offering a relaxing space for the family to enjoy dining together. the use of straight lines has been avoided, so that no boundary between spaces exists, and there is no clear definition of their function. the curving form increases interaction between its occupants as the different zones merge into each other.

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