Gift Ideas for the Gardening Dad

Jun 06, 2011

It’s that time of year again! Father’s day is just around the corner, and it’s time to give some props to pops! Here’s a little gift guide for pops that loves plants!

1.) Meet L’il Meadow. Meadow is our freestanding Pocket that will allow dads in small spaces to garden anywhere– the balcony, roof and even driveway can become dad’s new gardening grounds.

2.) A snazzy tie from Good Heavens that combines new and vintage fabrics is a good option for the dad who likes his florals on the inside…

3.) How about this gizmo for the green godfather? It turns any plastic bottle into a long-spout watering can–perfect for watering Pockets!

4.) Or how about this trowel for your King of Spades?

5.) A pair of Native’s that don’t mind getting wet make a great gardening companion for dad’s feet!

6.) Bring home the Birds to the guy who taught you about the birds and the bees with this sweet Natural Bluebird House.

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