Field Trip! The Arboretum and Botanic Garden

Jun 15, 2011


I had never been to the LA County Arboretum before. I was absolutely blown away by the size a magnificence of it all. Divided into continents, the Arboretum has indoor and outdoor gardens that truly do inspire. I saw so many plants and even animals that I had never seen up close before, and it was a wonder to be surrounded by so much exotic nature just 15 minutes from my home in Downtown L.A.

The Exotic Plant and Fern Show was a real trip. Ferns come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Did you know that there are thousands of species of Ferns, and they are known for being some of the best indoor air cleaners in the plant family? I saw the largest Fern I’d ever seen and I came home with a cool Staghorn Fern and enough plant photos to fill an auditorium. I hope that you enjoy this selection of pics. I highly recommend a visit to the Arboretum!

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