Calming Plants at the Dentist

May 17, 2010

Plants seem to have a natural calming effect on people. We’re certain the patients visiting Madison dentist Jody Schilling, DDS, SC are benefitting from the recent addition of some beautiful orchids to her office. A beautiful arrangement of 2 orchids rests comfortably in a Wally on a wall while a Tina holds another pair of orchids for patients to enjoy at the reception desk. Chuck Acker of Orchids Garden Centre & Nursery did a fine job with the installation and arrangement. Well Done!

Sachin Tuli, husband of Jody and the photographer, writes to us about their Woolly improvements:

We are really happy with the way the way the orchids are looking in both the Tina Island as well as in the Wally One! We think they are better than art–so beautiful, interesting and calming.

Right on Sachin! The plants look so bright and happy in their pockets! Thanks for sharing your story!

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