A Pocket of a Park

Jul 21, 2010

If you couldn’t tell by our name, Pockets are pretty important to us. There’s nothing like having an unexpected pocket (Woolly or not) of green in any setting.

That was the idea we were running with when we planted pop-up gardens all over NYC. It may be a concrete jungle, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for plants!

Which is why we’re kind of smitten with Angels Knoll in downtown LA. This little pocket of a park made a name for itself as the park Tom and Summer frequent in hit indie-romance movie “500 Days of Summer.” You know what we’re talking about. It’s Tom’s favorite place to admire the architecture in downtown LA, and we’re not the least bit surprised.

Bordering on one side of the of the park is Angels Flight, the world’s shortest funicular (attached to cable) railway, which just reopened this past March and costs a quarter for a one-way trip up the steep slope from Hill and Olive St. Something else that’s relatively new to Angels Knoll are the goats. You heard us right–goats! It turns out that it’s becoming something of a summertime tradition to ship in goats to eat up the weeds in the Angels Knoll hill. The woolly friends are only there for a week or so, which means they’ve already gone for this summer, but we’re still in awe: how genius is it to use goats to clear out weeds in a completely natural way, instead of using lawnmowers?

Really, though, we just love the idea that this park is adding some greenery to downtown. In the hustle and bustle of downtown, all you need to do for a breath of fresh air–literally and metaphorically–is shift your focus a little bit. Like we said, it’s a pocket of a park, but the good life comes in pockets, right?

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