A Field Trip to the L.A. Street Food Fest

Jul 30, 2010

If food brings people together, why not bring them together for a great cause–like Woolly School Gardens? Nothing gets people going for a good cause like food does!

The LA Street Food Festival was held this past Saturday at the  Rose Bowl, and we have more to thank them for than just gathering 60 of LA’s best food trucks together in one place–the Food Fest generously donated three new Woolly School Gardens! Thanks a Woolly Bunch, guys!

We wanted foodies from all over LA to get a taste not only of the scrumptious bites from Patty Wagon or Coolhaus, but also get the word out about what Woolly Pocket and the Woolly School Garden program are up to! So we set up our mobile version of the Woolly School Garden consisting of two living walls chock-full of edibles and other beautiful plants. The foodies were definitely distracted from thoughts of which vendor to hit up next by the sight of them!

Feast your eyes on snapshots of (just) some of the highlights of the day! People to see, food to eat, and vertical gardens to enjoy–what more could you ask for?

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