Woolly School Garden Package

Dec 27, 2012

Standard Woolly School Garden Package: $1,000

50 awesome Woolly Pockets
Each Woolly School Garden kit comes with (10) Wally Fives for a total of 50 individual planting pockets. Woolly Pockets are made from 100% recycled plastics water bottles. Pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular and infectiously fun! They’re made right in the USA by our Woolly little family. Watch your students learn all about plants as they grow and thrive in pockets!

Do-it-Yourself Hardware and Instructions
Your Woolly School Garden comes with zip-ties for installation on chain link fences, screws for wood fences, and anchors for masonry, block, dry wall! Hanging your garden is as simple as hanging a painting.

Organic Edible Seeds
The Woolly School Garden package comes with 20 packages of a delicious mix of veggie, herb, fruit and edible flower seeds from Peaceful Valley for your garden.

Compost Tea
Woolly School Garden comes with a 1lb. bag of Compost Tea from Malibu Compost. Follow the directions and let it brew overnight and add it to your Woolly School Garden soil.

Planting Chart & Gardening Manual
Need ideas on what to plant and where? Want details on each seed? Our Garden Manual is written by Garden Nerd to help. Our manual includes planting charts for all US climate zones.

Nutrition and Gardening Curriculum
Our nutrition and gardening curriculum makes it easy for any teacher to incorporate our lessons in to the classroom. Teach life sciences, math and geometry, while teaching your students about gardening, food and nutrition.

Optional Woolly School Garden Package: $1,100

Optional Drip System with Automatic Timer
The optional complete drip kit system is a must. It will help to ensure your plants are being watered in a timely manner. We have found that schools success rates increase when they use automatic watering systems. Our kit simply hooks up to any hose bib and has everything you need; (10) Wally Five Drip Kits, (1) 25’ Drip Supply Line Kit, and (1) Automatic Timer.

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